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6989 Mega Core Magnetizer is an M-Tron set released in 1990.

Details Edit

The Mega Core Magnetizer was the largest LEGO Space land vehicle until Mars Mission was released. It is larger than many starships of the theme. The vehicle's color scheme is red and black, with some transparent green pieces used. A unique feature of the set is its cockpit, which is covered by a huge transparent neon-green element, normally used in buildings as part of the walls.

Stored inside the Mega Core Magnetizer is a pair of land vehicles. They attach with magnets to the Magnetizer, or carry magnetic boxes to the large vehicle. They each have two small lights on them, and a control panel. Each one is black and red, and can be piloted by one astronaut. In addition to these two vehicles is a slightly larger speeder. It too has a magnet to attach to other vehicles or to carry magnetic boxes. It has a seat-back ing and a control panel, along with two rear thrusters.

The Mega Core Magnetizer has two main sections that are connected by a hinge. The first part is the control room. The other carries containers and vehicles. At the back of the second part, there is a bay door, which can turn into a ramp to allow vehicles to enter it. On each wall are two black rocket thrusters, which can swivel to point to the back of the ship. On the top of this section is a crane. The crane has a magnet on the end, which can be used to pick stuff up. It can extend and contract, as well as swivel around. It has a light and four lasers.

The set also includes 3 M-Tron Astronauts.

Notes Edit

  • In 1991, the set was renamed to Multi Core Magnetizer.

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