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Color Scheme

Purple, lime



Alien Conquest is a theme released in 2011. The theme features a species of aliens, who attempt to take over Earth from the Humans. A group of rebels called the Alien Defense Unit (ADU) try to prevent aliens from taking over the world.

Details Edit

In order to make the Humans serve the aliens, they use a species called Alien Clingers to take over the brains of Humans. The main color scheme for the aliens is purple and lime, and blue is for the ADU.

The theme actually crosses over with other LEGO themes, such as Atlantis, Pharaoh's Quest, and Dino.

The official Alien Conquest website contains six online games.

Minifigures Edit



LEGO Alien Conquest - 2011 Commercial00:30

LEGO Alien Conquest - 2011 Commercial

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