1978 - 1998

Garland logo
Classic Space
The first LEGO Space theme. Released in 1978.
Blacktron logo Blacktron
The first villain Space theme. Released in 1987.
Futuron Logo Futuron
Fought against the Blacktron. Released in 1987.
Space Police 1 logo Space Police I
The first Space Police theme. Released in 1989.
Theme-mtron M-Tron
Space theme centered around magnets. Released in 1990.
Theme-blacktron2 Blacktron Future Generation
Successor of Blacktron. Released in 1991.
Theme-space-police2 Space Police II
Successor of Space Police I. Released in 1992.
Theme-iceplanet Ice Planet 2002
Space theme centered around an icy landscape. Released in 1993.
Unitron Unitron
A military-like theme. Released in 1994.
Theme-spyrius Spyrius
A theme centered around robotics. Released in 1994.
Exploriens Exploriens
An archeology-based theme. Released in 1996.
Roboforce Logo Roboforce
The second robotics-based Space theme. Released in 1997
A Space theme centered around an alien invasion. Released in 1997.
Insectoids Logo Insectoids
An insect-based Space theme. Released in 1998.

2001 - Present

Life on Mars Life on Mars
A theme based around aliens on Mars. Released in 2001.
Mars Mission Mars Mission
A theme based around Humans landing on Mars. Released in 2007.
SP3 logo Space Police III
The third Space Police theme. Released in 2009.
City logo Space (City)
A NASA-based Space and City theme. Released in 2011.
Alien Conquest logo Alien Conquest
The second theme based around an alien invasion on Earth. Released in 2012.
Galaxy Squad Logo Galaxy Squad
A theme based around Humans and robots fighting against insect-like creatures. Released in 2013.


X lego seatron09 Sea-Tron
An unreleased Space theme. Would have taken place underwater.

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