0012 Space Mini-Figures1507 Space Value Pack1704 Ice Enlarger
1787 Crater Cruiser1789 Star Hawk II1793 Space Station Zenon
1875 Meteor Monitor1916 Starion Patrol2152 Robo Raptor
2855028 Exclusive Spaceman Magnet2856226 Astronaut Magnet3015 Space Police Car
30231 Space Insectoid305 2 Crater Plates3367 Space Shuttle
442 Space Shuttle452 Mobile Tracking Station462 Rocket Launcher
497 Galaxy Explorer5616 Mini Robot5617 Alien Jet
5619 Crystal Hawk5974 Galactic Enforcer5980 Squidman's Pitstop
6813 Galactic Chief6834 Celestial Sled6852 Sonar Security
6862 Secret Space Voyager6876 Alienator6879 Blizzard Baron
6891 Gamma-V Laser Craft6894 Invader6898 Ice-Sat V
6930 Space Supply Station6933 Spectral Starguider6940 Alien Moon Stalker
6941 Battrax6952 Solar Power Transporter6954 Renegade
6955 Space Lock-Up Isolation Base6958 Android Base6971 Intergalactic Command Base
6972 Polaris-I Space Lab6973 Deep Freeze Defender6975 Alien Avenger
6977 Arachnoid Star Base6983 Ice Station Odyssey6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager
6987 Message-Intercept Base6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost6989 Mega Core Magnetizer
6990 Monorail Transport System6991 Monorail Transport Base7051 Tripod Invader
70705 Bug Obliterator7315 Solar Explorer7316 Excavation Searcher
7317 Aero Tube Hangar7322 Altair7644 MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft
7645 MT-61 Crystal Reaper7649 MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base
7691 ETX Alien Mothership Assault7692 MX-71 Recon Dropship7728 Jet Pack
7729 Alien Flyer78777 Alien Discovery852019 Space Hero Air Blaster
885 Space Scooter918 Space Transport924 Transporter
928 Galaxy ExplorerADU RookieAero Tube Hangar
Alien ClingerAlien Commander (Mars Mission)Alien Conquest
Alien Drone (Mars Mission)Alien HiveAlien Mosquitoid
Alien QueenAndroid BaseBiff
Black Classic SpacemanBlacktronBlacktron Astronaut
Blacktron Future GenerationBlacktron SkeletonBlue Classic Spaceman
Brick DaddyChuck StonebreakerClassic Space
CrystAlien ConflictExploriensFuturon
Galactic PursuitGalaxy SquadHive Planet
Ice Planet 2002Ice Planet FemaleInsectoids
KranxxLEGO: BattlesLEGO: Battles/Gallery
LEGO RacersLEGO SpaceLEGO Space Wiki
Life on MarsM-TronMars
Mars MissionMizarP7222c QLever Mars Mission Rollerball Pen
P7231c Mars Mission Fountain PenRed Classic SpacemanRiegel
RoboforceRobot Sidekick (Blue)Sea-Tron
Sea-Tron AlienSea-Tron AstronautSpace (City)
Space Adventures: Mars Alien Attack!Space Police CommandoSpace Police I
Space Police IISpace Police IIISpyrius
SquidmanThe Ice PlanetUFO
UnitronUnitron AstronautUnitron Captain
VegaWatch CommanderWhite Classic Spaceman
Yellow Classic Spaceman

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